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Written by Farinar

7 Apr 2010

Blood Elven FURY! (Six tips when rolling a Blood Elf: Part 1/2)

This is a somewhat short post, still kind of ill.

I don't play a Blood Elf and I only reached about level 20 on my Blood Elf hunter. But as the World of Warcraft god that I am, I will still try to pretend I know fucking everything. Because I do. That's right, I fucking know everything!

Anyhow, here are three out of six tips when rolling a blood elf:

Tip 1: If you want to play a masculine Blood Elf, pick a female, they're more masculine than the males. If you like men who cares more about their hair than they care about their fucking revenge on Arthas, then a male Blood Elf is the right thing for you. Seriously, they should wear a fucking bikini under their armor.

"Hey sweetie!"

This is the reason I scrapped my hunter..

Besides, the female Blood Elf's boobs are slightly bigger.. Slightly.
Tip 2: Enjoy running from one fucking end of the Eversong Woods to the other. That zone is fucking big and I mean FUCKING big! Not only that, but the quests are scattered around the entire zone and there are like 3 small towns that hold a small bunch of quests each. This is freaking boring and makes you run more than in all other zones. At least in all other starting zones you only have one or two fucking town where all the quests are and not seven towns with a few quests as is the case here. It's alright to travel between smaller towns in higher level zones where you have a fucking mount but this is just ridicilous!

Tip 3: Don't name him "Legolas", "Légolas", "Légolazs", "LEGO" or anything else related to:
- Sephiroth
- Lord of the Rings
- DK
- The letters "x" and "z"
- Just fucking name him "Bob" or something already.
I fucking hate that it seems like people are only able to name Blood Elves something noobish. There are only two cases of extremely bad naming: The case of badly-named Blood Elves and the case of the badly-named Death Knights. Imagine a badly-named Blood Elf Death Knight. Well, 99,9 % of all Blood Elf Death Knights are badly-named, anyway.

Bad names fucking sucks. Put some effort in it for God's sake!

- Part 2 coming soon!
(I'm still ill so not sure if it comes tomorrow!)

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