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Written by Farinar

1 Apr 2010

I have officially stopped blogging!

Hello to all of you!
Today, I have decided to stop my blogging experience and shut down the blog. This is due to e-mails I have received, telling me to stop being angry, stop raging, stop nagging and stop being me. That fucking sucks. I will change anything to satisfy some narrow-minded peoples' view - I'd rather shut it all down then, which I do now.

The blog will remain up for a couple of weeks before I take it down. I'm sorry it has to end like this but that's the way it is when narrow-minded people are bitten in the ass. Freedom of speech, people, freedom of fucking speech!

I've never had any idea how many people actually read this mess, but here it is then: It's shutting fucking down. To those of you who read: Thanks a lot! To those of you who didn't: Be glad you didn't. I tried to start a unique WoW-blog, putting the game and its players into another perspective than other blogs do. And what do I get? Naggings, hate-mails and a grand kick in the balls. Fuck you.

Again, thank for reading the blog, but I am so sorry that I have to do this. I might start another blog sometime - perhaps about Runescape, the MMO I have begun to play instead of WoW. I wasn't able to afford WoW in the long run and decided to quit alongside my blogging journey.


Fuck to all of you who send me hate mails like: "Stop playing if you do not like the game!" I like the fucking game, but there are things I do not like as well. It's part of fucking life. Perhaps you people should start concentrating on your lives instead of focusing on mine. I haven't quit WoW, and if I do so someday then I will NOT play Runescape. That I promise.

As a compensation for the cruel joke, here are a few words of apology from my dear friend "MechaMutantDeathRickAstleyPwn":

"Kiss my big fat mutant ass, you haters! Farinar doesn't care about what you think! Maybe you
should stop reading if you do not like what you read!"

Well said, MechaMutantDeathRickAstleyPwn! Except it wasn't much of an apology, but take it from me: M.M.D.R.A.P. is sorry on my behalf.

New post on Monday!
Happy 1st of April!
- Farinar! :)

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  1. Glad you weren't quitting. Otherwise I'd have to take over in the rantings. :P