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Written by Farinar

18 Mar 2010

Four fucked-up easter eggs

We all know 'em and we all love 'em - the in-game easter eggs! They're a great part of the atmosphere that Blizzard has created around the game and play a grand part in the humour that is Warcraft. However, some of them are weird and plain fucked-up so here are four that I think are fucked-up to a great degree.

Number 1: The Arcanist's Cookbook
A reference to 'The Anarchist's Cookbook', which was written as a protest to the Vietnam war and tells you how to create bombs, illegal items and other things that can help you destroy society. The book is fully legal, though. Freedom of speech at its best. So why is this fucked-up? Well, why does Blizzard reference a book which describes how you can fight society? Are Blizzard employees secretly fighting a war against society? Who knows. That would be awesome, though.

Number 2: Caregiver Ophera Windfury
A reference to everyone's favorite: Oprah Winfrey. She is a draenei who sits in Hellfire Peninsula asking players to 'make themselves confortable'. Typical Blizzard humor and I like this reference really much.

So why is this fucked up? Well, because she doesn't look like Oprah at all! First of all, she's a draenei which I guess is fair game. But she has white skin! Not to be racist or anything, but there are in fact darker skins for draenei in the game! They gave Oprah the Michael Jackson treatment! That is fucked up!

Oh, and there's this big difference as well:

Ehhh.. Not so much..

Number 3: 'The Mountain of LOL'
This one is fucking weird. The mountainside near Hammerfall is literally laughing up your face! What a rude mountainside! Take a look:

See? That's fuckin' rude! And it's fucked up! I don't think I need to explain why. Come on! It's a fucking LOL'ing mountain!

Number 4: Hindenburg
The Hindenburg was a grand airship that crashed and killed a lot of people! Unfortunately, the zeppelin master in Stranglethorn Vale is called Hin Denburg, which is pretty fucking scary! I've never ridden that zeppelin in fear of falling to my death! And neither should you! This is just scary and fucked-up!

"Oh, come on! It'll be alright!"

Fuck you, Hin Denburg. I'm not riding with you.

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