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Written by Farinar

18 Mar 2010

The Tale of Ephoenix

Settle down children, make yourselves comfortable and listen up for I have a tale to tell! This is a tale of a great hero, the conqueror of the phoenixes and a true champion of Azeroth. However, it is a tragic tale. Stay a while and listen..

Ezra Chatterton was a young lad who unfortunately had been struck by a viscious disease. However, a young boy like Ezra did not give up easily and kept doing what he loved: Being with his family and especially with his father with whom he shared a common interest: When they were in front of their computers they became great heroes! Travelling plains, fighting dragons and banishing demons.

Ezra became the great tauren champion, Ephoenix, one of the greatest hunters ever to live. He had fought his way through the armies of Ahn'Qiraj, Naxxramas, The Molten Core and Blackwing Lair in the ancient era now only known as "vanilla" and had entered Outland with intensions on destroying the Lord of Outland - Illidan Stormrage. However, Ephoenix would never make it that far.

Ezra fell very ill and great sadness fell upon Azeroth. Despite his illness, Ephoenix still travelled Azeroth but in time, his travels became less and less frequent. Ezra's father, Micah, pledged the gods that had created Azeroth - only known as Blizzard Entertainment - for help on how to make his son's last days better. And his prayers were heard.

Blizzard Entertainment invited the young boy to their realm - The Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters - by the help of a magical society known as the Make-a-wish Foundation. Ezra accepted the invitation and went off on a quest to the Blizzard Headquarters along with his father.

When he arrived, he was greeted and told that his travels throughout the world had made him known to Blizzard themselves. And even though they could not cure his illness, for it was very foul, they would allow him to change the world forever. They would make him immortal. Ezra thought that was really cool.

Ezra helped create a new character in the world he knew so well - a lone tauren farmer looking for his dog. Blizzard then told him that they would make him a champion, a person forever to be remembered. They handcrafted him a crossbow, specifically following the instructions of Ezra, and granted him a golden bird as a mount due to Ezra's middlename which was 'Phoenix'. And he truly was a phoenix. Reborn from the ashes.

When Ezra and Ephoenix passed away, great sorrow was spread through Azeroth. All over the world, people remembered the great hero that Ephoenix was. And he surprised them all. For during the Lunar Festival, he was reborn as one of the immortal Elders! Blessed by the gods of Blizzard Entertainment, Ezra and Ephoenix got bound together and became one being, rests on the Elder Rise during the festival to this day.

I do not intend to make fun of Ezra Chatterton or his story. I am merely telling the story in a different way. I think that the story is tragic and that no child should leave the world so soon. Rest in peace, Ezra and may you have WoW in heaven.


  1. This is truely a sad story and I had no idea that it was him that created the character I loved from Mulgore. And I despise those people that complained that he got a free phoenix and they didn't. What pricks.

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