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Written by Farinar

17 Mar 2010

I suck at PvP!

Kind of a short post this time:

Let me set one thing straight: I fucking suck at PvP. I'm more of a PvE guy than I'm a PvP guy. This may be due to the fact that I play as a healer priest and I am therefore the desired target of many a warrior. I may also just be unintelligent or stupid but I way better at figuring out what an artificial intelligence is gonna do than what a fellow human being is going to smack up my ass. This may be due to several addons that shows me what I can expect the boss to do so I know how to react. If a warrior begins bitchslapping me I have no idea what to do - no addons to tell me what I can expect. I'm left to myself and me figuring out for myself. That sucks.

Not saying that I don't like PvP. I think PvP is an essential part of the game and something that draws a lot of people in; Beat the hell out of people. I like the concept and the fact that this gives us the ability to interact with other people through war. I just suck at it and I usually try to stay away from it. I think this is due to my class being so weak on offensive that I cannot really do anything against a person that comes towards me.

I have a retribution paladin as well and I really like playing him in PvP. He rules and I think it's because it's a more "overpowered" class in PvP. At least, he's more overpowered than my priest. I know that as a priest I am not supposed to be offensive but I also have to defend myself and cannot rely on my teammates to protect me.

Please, Blizzard, make everyone able to survive for more than two seconds on PvP. I'd really like to PvP but I cannot survive long enough. Don't make it loleasy but provide us with a fair chance rather than the one that we healers have now - being bitchslapped by five people when I run over the hill. Because that sucks.

That is why I suck at PvP.

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