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Written by Farinar

17 Mar 2010

Lavaman does not equal Deathwing! (A Bolvar fan post)

*Hums* Lavaman, lavaman, does whatever a lavaman can! *Hums*

Bolvar, slayer of dragons
A lot of people have been suggesting the idea that Bolvar is the new alter ego of Deathwing due to his 'new' form as Lavaman. This idea is fucking stupid - how anyone in their right minds could think this up I have no idea because it is so far-fetched that it makes no sense.

While I am able to see why people would think that Lavaman could look like Deathwing's human form - AKA Lord Daval Prestor - due to the lava and shit that Bolvar has going on, I cannot grasp why people honestly THINK that he is Deathwing. There's a difference between looking a bit like Deathwing could look (in his human form that is) and actually being Deathwing himself. It's a big stretch.

There are a couple lore reasons as to why Bolvar is NOT Deathwing. First of all, it makes no fucking sense. It would be the biggest plot-twist in history if he turned out to be a villain. But right now, he's fucking frozen in a big block of ice! I know dragons can breathe fire and that he'd probably be able to melt the block of ice but it make no sense plot-wise if he was able to do that. What did he get turned into a block of ice if he would just melt it the next second? That makes no sense.

When it comes to lore, Bolvar has slain a lot of dragons. For example in the Onyxia questline where he beat the fuck out of a lot of black dragons. I know Deathwing's evil and all, but turning on his own dragonflight wouldn't be 'badass' or 'evil', it would just make him an asshole! Besides, if he really was Bolvar he would probably just have commanded them to stop by speaking draconic.

What would be even more asshole-ish is that he would actually help players hunt down Onyxia, his own daughter! I think that if Bolvar really was Deathwing, he would see her existance and her manipulation of Stormwind as a giant oppotunity.

Bolvar rules
And last but not least, Bolvar fucking rules. He's survived being gassed, burned and tortured. Now that's fucking badass. It's also the reason as to how he became Lavaman - not because he's a dragon, but because he actually got his ass burned! Bolvar kicked the shit of out Onyxia's dragons in Vanilla, he kicked the shit out of undeads at the Wrathgate but was unfortunately gassed. But he even survived that! If the jews were as badass as him during World War II noone would've died in the gas-chambers. (Okay, that was a little cruel).

After being gassed he got fucking burned and didn't die! The Lich King then dragged him through his ZOMGIANT citadel, all the way to the top. Here he was hung up and chained above the Frozen Throne only to be laughed at by the Lich King. He even saw his friend, Draenosh Saurfang turn into an undead. Not only is his body strong but his psyche is as well.

Bolvar for Lich King 2010.. Oh, wait.

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