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Written by Farinar

16 Mar 2010

Obsidian Sanctum 2.0! FFFFFUUUUUUU!

Wow, how beautiful, how peaceful, how delightfully wonderful!
Blizzard has done it again - made a zone which is both beautiful, drawing and dramatic. Blizzard have really improved their style and sense of making zones and instances throughout the years. The looks and feel of this zone seems to be of a great caliber. There is just one problem: It's Obsidian Sanctum all over again!

Oh no, not this shit again!
Granted, I did Obsidian Sanctum more times than Tiger Woods did any of his mistresses (badum *tish*). Bad jokes aside, I thought that the instance was great and that the concept of 3 drakes was awesome. And it was. However, I grew tired of the instance and haven't been there for nearly half a year. I loathe the place with all my heart but I love dragons and I love fighting them.

So when I heard that the Ruby Sanctum was opening I was jumping up and down in excitement. Better than that, it was no red dragon we are slaying this time, oh no. It's a dangerous pink twilight dragon of DOOM! Hell yeah. Actually I have no idea why Deathwing created this flight to be pink. A bad joke perhaps?

Anyhow, I figured that another dragoninstance would be awesome and that it would make me return to Wyrmrest Temple. Until:

"Number 2. The lieutenants are sub-bosses which will each drop an Emblem of Frost. Halion is the main boss. While the activation of Heroic difficulty is different from the Obsidian Sanctum, the overall raid format for the Ruby Sanctum is very comparable.
You're likely to find some random pieces of armor on par with Lich King loot, similar to the items Onyxia dropped while Trial of the Crusader was the top-tier raid. You can also expect to see some more trinkets and things of that nature.
This raid will not only provide a bit of additional content to pair with the current content of patch 3.3, it will be the beginning of an advancement in the storyline for Cataclysm.
The plan is to have a normal mode and a heroic mode just like Icecrown Citadel, so far there is no plan for a Sartharion +1/+2/+3-like encounter."

Let's have that picture again.

Just as I thought I could get a quick, nice and awesome raid instance were I could go smack some pink dragon-ass, I get this. Fucking Obsidian Sanctum 2.0 Red version. Update: Sartharion is now pink! Screw. You. Blizzard.

I mean, if it had included a +1/+2/+3 drakes encounter it would've been alright, but this!? This is three minibosses that drop only emblems and a big boss that drops emblems and loot! Why are the minibosses there? For extra badges? I mean, they might as well just delete them, boost mr. Pinkdragon and smack the 3 frost badges on his loot table instead. It will be a waste of time to clear 3 bosses that drops nothing besides badges before engaging the final boss.

I mean, in Obsidian Sanctum the drakes at least had a function but here they're just here to look pretty! You can't use them for anything besides three badges that might as well have dropped from the boss! What purpose do they serve? I guess it's some lorething, but they could still have put them to better use than make them loot-pinatas for players that just want some easy badges. You could've made Mr. Pinkie a challenge instead!

Three bosses that serve no purpose. GG, Blizzard. GG.
I'm still looking forward to smacking some pink dragonass, though.

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