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Written by Farinar

30 Mar 2010

Fur, furrier, furriest! (Furrydom Part 2 of 2)

Today's post is a bit short, but here is a picture of a kangaroo beating the shit out of an asian clown, so I hope you can forgive me.

"I'ma gonna beat you up, shitface kangaroo!"
"Haw haw haw, you asshole, don't you know that I rule!?"
"Awww shit!"

Actually, I think that there might be some furries that find kangaroos attractive. Let us look at their features: They walk on two legs and do human-stuff (boxing). They cannot talk, but wait a few centuries and they might as well be a furry's fucking wet dream.

I think I expressed in my last post that I think furrydom is weird if not actual bullshit. Based on some comments I got from various people, I will just notify you all that these articles are not meant to hurt anyone but just express what I think about a certain thing. I'm not furry-phobic (is that a word?) but I do have trouble understanding what other people like sexually - especially since I am a heterosexual myself.

What I will talk about today is the attitude that furries express. While I have nothing against them, they often tend to act like they're the fucking victims of everything. You said a bad thing about them? They'll be all up your ass and be pissed off at you. That is a fucking stupid attitude to have. It seems like they want to be discriminated against. If you make fun of them there won't be many minutes before they come back at you, telling you how they hate you for hating them. Grr.

It's like they're proud of being attracted to furry women (again, by furry women I do not mean 'down-there' but actually fucking furry women), and why shouldn't they!? You should always be proud of your sexuality and the way you are but it seems that this sexuality only exists among people with the following traits:

- Male
- Often obese
- Likes anime
- Speaks japanese despite not being fucking japanese (if they were japanese they'd marry their pillows or video game girlfriends instead of some fancy hairy pussy.)
- Age 20-40
- Lives and has lived in mother's basement
- Virgins

I think this kind of sexuality comes from anime and hentai. Yeah sure, japan has made some awesome stuff - Nintendo and cars, but the rest sucks. Anime is one of them. The 12-year old girls often wear such slutty suits that watching it is on the edge of child pornography which is pretty fucking disgusting. But the women are often big-breasted and has a tendency to get raped by tentacles and the most inappropiate moments. There is something sexy about these women which makes japanese men marry pillows on which they are depicted.

Here's a tip for you furries out there: Get the fuck laid, people!
That is just my two cents and now stop sending me fucking hate mails you furries!

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