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Written by Farinar

16 Mar 2010

Triple the talents, triple the fun?

Inconvenience solved.
So I've heard a lot of people complaining lately about wanting the ability to specc a third specc in addition to the two we are already able to specc after patch 3.1. Patch 3.1 brought us the dual-specializations and it was a pretty big feature and perhaps one the biggest changes in the history of the game. Before that, you had to respecc every time you wanted to take on another role or wanted to go from PvE to PvP. It was inconvenient, took a lot of time and was frustrating. But it was a core function of the game.

Don't get me wrong, talents and glyphs are more important than ever and the ability to take on several roles is a really nice feature but I just feel that the vision of 'choice' is slowly fading away. Dual-talents allowed people to store their talent-speccs for quick and easy change and still had a sense of choice to connected to it since there are three talent trees but only two speccs that you are able to save. Which of your talent-trees means the most to you? It was your choice.

The idea of choice over convenience
Choice is one of the essences of a game like World of Warcraft. From the beginning of the game you're faced with choices as you select your race and class. However, I feel like the choices you can make in this game are slowly fading away only to be replaced with the fabled 'convenience'.

Not saying that the game shouldn't be convenient on many points - anything that saves us time gives us time to enjoy the game even more, but I think that the inclusion of a triple-specc choice would ruin the sense of choice when it comes to talents. Sure, it would be convenient for me to have a holy, discipline and shadow specc on my priest, but where would the choice be? Ofcourse I would have to choose what talents I wanted but since many, for example, holy priests are specced in almost the same way these days, the choice of talents seem to be decreasing. That means that if I want a holy, a discipline and a shadow spec on my priest I would just go wit the best holy-specc, the best disc-specc and the best shadow-specc. I would be specced for everything, leaving the choice out of the decision.

With only two avaiable speccs the choice has to be made - what means the most? Holy for PvE, Discipline for PvP or shadow for DPS? What do you prefer? You made the wrong choice? You have to respecc one of your trees - choose which of your trees has the biggest priority. Having the ability to specc triple-specc would make me suitable for every situation and thereby decrease the idea of choice even more.

Farinar out.
All opinions in the post are mine only.

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